Citizens for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront are constituents from all Toronto wards working together to preserve a healthy waterfront for generations to come. We formed on October 21, 2013 out of a process of planning a Public Health Meeting on October 30 at Metro Hall.

Currently, we have 700 citizen members and are growing. Membership is gauged by attendee numbers at the Oct 30th Public Health Meeting, individuals on our e-mailing list, likes on our Facebook page, and number of Twitter followers.

Help Citizens for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront’s membership grow by liking our Facebook Page, following us on Twitter or filling out our membership form!


Founders and Main Contributors

Teresa Ascencao, Founder and Acting Coordinator

Elizabeth Littlejohn, Contributor

Ron Jenkins, Contributor

Cathy Gulkin, Contributor

Doctor, Miriam Garfinkle, Contributor