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Board of Health Unanimously Votes Against Airport Expansion

More good news! At yesterday’s Board of Health meeting all members voted unanimously to oppose the proposal to expand Billy Bishop airport and introduce jets! 

The Board of Health recommends to City Council:

  1. implementation of the “most health-supporting use” of the airport once the Tripartite Agreement expires
  2. any changes to the current airport be made to reduce health impacts
  3. adoption of the mitigation measures in the Deputy City Manager’s November 21 report
  4. conduct a strategic transportation study of the airport and Eireann Quay area
  5. to inspect the airport’s ethylene glycol containment system and stormwater run-off system

There were about 20 people who deputed, emphasizing that the island airport is already harming the health of residents, natural habitat and wildlife. Presentations were made with respect to increased air pollution, traffic hazards, noise levels, and damage to the water quality in Lake Ontario. The Now Magazine tells more.


Toronto Councillor Joe Mihevc. (Toronto Sun files)

an Urban Designer, a Physician, a Mom, a Professor and a Skipper … Aboard a Tiny Ship!

In light of the upcoming vote on the proposed island airport expansion and introduction of jets, the crew boarded the Marjorie E. vessel to castaway any unfathomable myths of “no harm” to Toronto’s waterfront. Get ready to hear the full deck on health impacts and safety threats on citizens, natural habitat and wildlife! Watch the video!

Save Our Waterfront from Cathy Gulkin on Vimeo.

Aboard the Tiny Ship:

  • an Urban Designer, Ken Greenberg
  • a Physician, Miriam Garfinkle
  • a Mom, Kathryn Exner
  • a Student, Ruby Exner
  • a Professor, Elizabeth LIttlejohn
  • and a Skipper, Ron Jenkins

Also on board, Captain Ron, Enzo Dimatteo News Editor of Now Magazine, and event organizer Teresa Ascencao, Acting Coordinator of Citizens for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront

*Here’s a video created from our tour:

… and a slideshow of behind the scenes: [slideshow_deploy id=’408′]

*special thanks to the individuals who donated still images for the video: Ron Jenkins, Linda Dawn Hammond and Baye Hunter!

Dec. 5 Deputations & Citizens’ Manifesto for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront

Citizens’ Manifesto for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the October 30 Citizens’ Health Meeting to co-create a Citizens’ manifesto for a healthy Toronto waterfront!

On November 7, Citizens for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront delivered a deputation, with a visual presentation of the first draft of our manifesto, to the Subcommittee to Review Billy Bishop Airport Consultants Reports.

The final version of the manifesto will be delivered to Councillors next week. Executive Committee members will also have our document before the Executive Committee meeting on December 5. If you wish to view or offer feedback on the final revision of the manifesto, please email us at

Dec 5 Executive Committee Deputations

Let’s have as many citizens as possible to depute at the Executive Committee Meeting on Thursday December 5, Committee Room 1, City Hall!

The greater our visual presence and voices, the stronger our message will be! Let’s tell Executive Committee that expanding Billy Bishop Airport and introducing jets is unhealthy and unsafe! The onus is on those who want to expand and introduce jets to scientifically prove otherwise! If they are not able to prove this, then Councillors should vote NO to jets and expansion.

If you are new to deputing, here is some information from Toronto Public Space Initiative. Don’t be shy. 🙂 To put your name on the deputation list, please email your name and address to

20111208budgetkidsphoto by Andrew Louis for Torontoist


RSVP: Citizens’ Health Meeting regarding proposed Island Airport Expansion (Oct 30 Metro Hall)

On October 30 7pm, Metro Hall room 308, Citizens for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront will be holding presentations, discussions and a workshop on health impacts related to the proposed island airport expansion and introduction of jets. Together we will create a Health Manifesto for Toronto’s Waterfront to be given to Councillors and the Media.

Please help this event be a BIG success by sharing this page, or our Facebook event.

The meeting format will be 30 minutes of key health and design professionals who will speak to health concerns, followed by Q&A with key speakers, and a half hour facilitated group workshop with attendees to create a Health Manifesto for Toronto’s Waterfront.

In the workshop, issues surrounding air, noise and water will be solicited from attendees, with respect to human, environmental and wildlife health. The resulting collaborative document, the Health Manifesto, will outline health solutions for Toronto’s waterfront. It will be submitted to Toronto City Council, to provide guidance from stakeholder involvement. The Health Manifesto will also be shared with the Media.

Speaker 01: Sarah Miller worked for 35 years with the office of Canadian Environmental Law Association. Her projects ranged from Great Lakes protection, to cancer prevention and various public health protection issues.

Speaker 02: Elizabeth Littlejohn, Professor of Communications, Culture and Information Technology, Sheridan ITAL. Elizabeth teaches Social Innovation and Sustainable Design. She is also a member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Speaker 03: Hal Beck, P. Eng., Citizen Member of Community Liaison Committee, Toronto Port Authority and City of Toronto Traffic Study, YQNA rep to Toronto Port Authority’s Community Liaison Committee, BQNA rep to Toronto Port Authority Tunnel Construction Committee, waterfront stakeholder rep on Steering Committee of Eireann Quay Transportation Study.

Speaker 04: Pieter Josef Jugovic, CCFP and MD at Toronto East General Hospital (Toronto) / William Osler Health Centre-Brampton Civic Hospital (Brampton). Watch Dr. Jogovic’s video on health concerns regarding the island airport.

The event will be hosted by Roy Mitchell, the radio show host of RoyNation:

Please reserve your attendance to: