Jets won’t fly … & Bathurst Quay development moves Forward

Jets will NOT fly from Toronto’s Waterfront

This week our new Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, confirmed that the tripartite agreement will NOT reopen. Jets will not fly out of the waterfront airport! This is a huge win for all who are working to protect Toronto’s waterfront. This Metro News article broke the story right after Garneau made the statement on Thursday night over Twitter.

Bathurst Quay development moves Forward

The City of Toronto continues to move forward with plans for the neighbourhood next to the island airport. At the last public meeting in April, citizens were presented with various preliminary designs including cultural use buildings, a pool, a new park, airport drop-off, parking, and a hotel. Records from this meeting are on the City’s page here

The Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan is something to watch for in the upcoming months, as we need to ensure designs stay in line with a healthy and accessible waterfront that serves all Torontonians, not just a few. The City says the next public meeting will occur in December.

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