Board of Health Unanimously Votes Against Airport Expansion

More good news! At yesterday’s Board of Health meeting all members voted unanimously to oppose the proposal to expand Billy Bishop airport and introduce jets! 

The Board of Health recommends to City Council:

  1. implementation of the “most health-supporting use” of the airport once the Tripartite Agreement expires
  2. any changes to the current airport be made to reduce health impacts
  3. adoption of the mitigation measures in the Deputy City Manager’s November 21 report
  4. conduct a strategic transportation study of the airport and Eireann Quay area
  5. to inspect the airport’s ethylene glycol containment system and stormwater run-off system

There were about 20 people who deputed, emphasizing that the island airport is already harming the health of residents, natural habitat and wildlife. Presentations were made with respect to increased air pollution, traffic hazards, noise levels, and damage to the water quality in Lake Ontario. The Now Magazine tells more.


Toronto Councillor Joe Mihevc. (Toronto Sun files)