an Urban Designer, a Physician, a Mom, a Professor and a Skipper … Aboard a Tiny Ship!

In light of the upcoming vote on the proposed island airport expansion and introduction of jets, the crew boarded the Marjorie E. vessel to castaway any unfathomable myths of “no harm” to Toronto’s waterfront. Get ready to hear the full deck on health impacts and safety threats on citizens, natural habitat and wildlife! Watch the video!

Save Our Waterfront from Cathy Gulkin on Vimeo.

Aboard the Tiny Ship:

  • an Urban Designer, Ken Greenberg
  • a Physician, Miriam Garfinkle
  • a Mom, Kathryn Exner
  • a Student, Ruby Exner
  • a Professor, Elizabeth LIttlejohn
  • and a Skipper, Ron Jenkins

Also on board, Captain Ron, Enzo Dimatteo News Editor of Now Magazine, and event organizer Teresa Ascencao, Acting Coordinator of Citizens for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront

*Here’s a video created from our tour:

… and a slideshow of behind the scenes: [slideshow_deploy id=’408′]

*special thanks to the individuals who donated still images for the video: Ron Jenkins, Linda Dawn Hammond and Baye Hunter!