Undemocratic for Councillors to Vote on Public Health without Consulting Constituents

A rushed Health Impact Assessment workshop was conducted on October 9, 2013    – only two months from the mid-December vote on the proposed island airport expansion and introduction of jets.

Despite citizens crying out at all public consultations that health is a priority, citizens were not allowed to participate in the October 9th HIA workshop, nor was a public health consultation ever conducted.

A select list of key stakeholder organizations were invited to participate in the workshop, but their names have not been made public. The workshop was not video or audio recorded (despite the request of citizen, Teresa Ascencao), nor was the Media allowed to attend.

To make matters worse, the final HIA report is only available days before the final Executive Committee meeting on December 5. This lacks sufficient time for the public to review it before the mid-December vote.

Considering the public was not involved in the health impact assessment process, it would be highly undemocratic for Councillors to vote on public health without having consulted their constituents!