Dec. 5 Deputations & Citizens’ Manifesto for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront

Citizens’ Manifesto for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the October 30 Citizens’ Health Meeting to co-create a Citizens’ manifesto for a healthy Toronto waterfront!

On November 7, Citizens for a Healthy Toronto Waterfront delivered a deputation, with a visual presentation of the first draft of our manifesto, to the Subcommittee to Review Billy Bishop Airport Consultants Reports.

The final version of the manifesto will be delivered to Councillors next week. Executive Committee members will also have our document before the Executive Committee meeting on December 5. If you wish to view or offer feedback on the final revision of the manifesto, please email us at

Dec 5 Executive Committee Deputations

Let’s have as many citizens as possible to depute at the Executive Committee Meeting on Thursday December 5, Committee Room 1, City Hall!

The greater our visual presence and voices, the stronger our message will be! Let’s tell Executive Committee that expanding Billy Bishop Airport and introducing jets is unhealthy and unsafe! The onus is on those who want to expand and introduce jets to scientifically prove otherwise! If they are not able to prove this, then Councillors should vote NO to jets and expansion.

If you are new to deputing, here is some information from Toronto Public Space Initiative. Don’t be shy. 🙂 To put your name on the deputation list, please email your name and address to

20111208budgetkidsphoto by Andrew Louis for Torontoist